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Artbeatz is an indie record label in Los Angeles, California, founded in a joint venture between veteran promotion manager Steve Zap's[1] Z Entertainment and songwriter, producer and artist manager Gino Barletta.[2] The label's current roster includes platinum-selling singer Daya.


Steve Zap and Gino Barletta met in November 2014, while working with one of Zap’s former clients. Their relationship began as manager and songwriter, with Zap shopping songs for Barletta to no large-scale success. Zap grew frustrated that Barletta "wasn't getting the opportunities that I felt he deserved, because the labels were so caught up in the "who's-who" politics of the music industry, dead set on only using A-list songwriters of the moment."

It was this lack of success that prompted Zap to offer Barletta a platform to build emerging artists alongside using his songwriting ability.[3]


In February 2015, Barletta wrote 'Hide Away' with multi-platinum songwriter Brett McLaughlin and Britten Newbill at a songwriting camp.[4] Barletta, who had been mentoring the young singer at Christina Chirumbolo's Accelerando Music Conservatory in Pittsburgh, where he was regularly invited to give songwriting workshops.[5] Chirumbolo and Barletta had formally invited Daya to Paramount Studios in Los Angeles to work on some original material, and it was on this trip that the song was written.[6]

The following day Barletta played Zap the record, and he instantly recognised its potential, persuading Barletta not to pitch the song to a major label and instead release it as Daya's first single on an independent label.[7]

The track got its first piece of promotion from SiriusXM Hits 1's VP of music programming Kid Kelly, who played the track more than 1,200 in the first four months.[8] The song also received support online from a number of notable bloggers including Tyler Oakley[9] and Perez Hilton.[10] Daya went on to perform the song on NBC's Today,[11] The Late, Late Show with James Corden[12] and Radio Disney.[13]

"Hide Away" reached number 23 on the Billboard Hot 100,[14] and was certified Platinum in the United States on January 29, 2016.[15]


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