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Reddit is a social media site/app that enables the creation of many online communities.

Ask yourself this question, can a wiki potentially be utilized in similar ways that Reddit is utilized? There are many ways in which a wiki can function similarly to Reddit.

On Reddit, people can post links, walls of text, pictures, and more.

Tenoorja can be an alternative to many aspects of Reddit.

Reddit can be a community. Tenoorja can be a community.

People can post links to Reddit, people can post links to Tenoorja. Please keep in mind that on Tenoorja copyright violations are not allowed!

Members/users can leave comments on Reddit, and have discussions on Reddit. Users/members can have discussions on Tenoorja, and also leave comments.


All content on en.Tenoorja.co is licensed under a Creatives Commons License. Contributions on Reddit are fully copyrighted by rights holders.

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