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TenOorja is starting as a social media site/app.

The first social media platform is this, en.Tenoorja.co. This is a learning community. Perhaps in the future different sorts of purposes will be enabled.

Are you interested in joining Tenoorja? More on how to join Tenoorja will be added soon.

Tenoorja may become a semi-decentralized semi-autonomous organization (SDSAO) eventually. Tenoorja will become a benefit corporation eventually. It is possible that Tenoorja may eventually be a public benefit corporation eventually.

Why a learning community?

Tenoorja is about learning, teaching, and research. This can encompass quite a wide scope. Think of all that is taught, learned about, and researched at universities all over Earth. There can be groups/communities dedicated to physical education, mathematics, business, chemistry, engineering, and so forth.

How is Tenoorja different?

At Tenoorja you are encouraged to gear your own learning towards your maximum benefit. This can include profiting financially from your efforts related to learning, teaching, and research.